Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Tradition of Giving: Adopt a Piece of History

During the last 86 years, through the generosity of the University of Michigan and many important donors and leaders, the Clements has come to stand for excellence in the study of America history. But we are now beginning to write the story of the Clements in the 21st Century. We are starting a new program, Adopt a Piece of History, that asks people to fund purchases and conservation at the Clements. There are many books, manuscripts, maps and visual materials that we desire to add to the collection, but we are in need of additional support to do so. Also, some of our collection requires repair because of fragility and age. Consider a gift to the Clements Library to conserve an item or purchase one for our collection so that you can adopt a piece of history. Your contribution will make our internationally recognized collection available to a wider audience for years to come.

In addition to a direct donation, we welcome gifts in honor of a person or a special occasion, in someone’s memory, or to celebrate a special event. Each book will receive a bookplate to honor the donor. All contributions will be recorded in our electronic catalog with the name of the donor. The purchases listed below are recent acquisitions – your support will help to offset the cost of these additions to our library while those in need of conservation have been in our collections for many years.

1. Peter Henry Musty collection, 1862-1865. Recent purchase cost: $5,400

2. 1/6 plate daguerreotype by Glenalvin J. Goodridge. Unknown male sitter. ca.1847-1851. Recent purchase cost: $1,200

3. Original watercolor view of Baltimore, Maryland. Signed: S. Uesirne, 1848. Recent purchase cost: $2,228

4. Army Lists Conservation cost: $300-400 each, depending on extent of treatment needed

5. Ausben W. Dech school book, 1858-1860. Recent purchase cost: $762

6. Christian L. Fisher daybook and recipe book, 1851-1852. Recent purchase cost: $300

7. Memorials presented by the deputies of the Council of Trade in France to the Royal Council in 1701. London, 1736. Conservation cost: $400

8. A Lesson from the Providence of God. A Sermon, … Rev. W. I. Pond. Saratoga Springs, NY, 1863.
Recent purchase cost: $150

9. Cavan, R.L. A new system of military discipline founded upon principle. London, 1773. Conservation cost: $ 300

10. California Big Tree Joint Wine Exhibit, World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1893. Chromolithograph advertising ephemera. Recent purchase: $350.

I hope you’ll consider making a gift that will enable us to build our acquisitions and to better conserve our collection. Thank you for considering this special gift that will benefit the preservation and study of American history at the University of Michigan.

If you would like to support our Adopt a Piece of History effort, please contact Ann Rock by phone at 734-358-9770 or email her at

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