Monday, March 15, 2010

Mister Clements and His Magnificent Library: A Documentary about the Clements Library

In 2007, the Clements Library commissioned a documentary, Mister Clements and His Magnificent Library, to commemorate the retirement of John C. Dann, the third director. Highlighting the achievements of the Library's founder and past directors, the documentary provides a history of the Library and its rich collections of historical materials.


In addition to the brief 8-minute version shown here, the longer 30-minute version was originally shown at John C. Dann's retirement event, and has aired periodically on the Michigan Channel. Created by Metrocom International, the film was made possible by the generosity of the Mosaic Foundation of Rita and Peter Heydon, James and Joanna Schoff, James and Millie Irwin, the Frederick S. Upton Foundation, and David and Linda Upton.

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Robin said...

Fascinating! Would love to see the full 30-minute version.

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