Thursday, February 21, 2013

Latest Quarto: Maritime History

The Fall-Winter 2012 Quarto is now available. The Quarto is a semi-annual magazine published by the William L. Clements Library and sent to members of the Clements Library Associates. This issue of The Quarto focuses on the Clements Library collections related to maritime history.
  1. "A Sailor's Life for Me," by J. Kevin Graffagnino, Director of the Library.
  2. "Profiling the Coasts," by Brian Leigh Dunnigan, Associate Director & Curator of Maps. Coastal profiles in the Clements Library map collections. 
  3. "Coloring the Winds," by Mary Sponberg Pedley, Assistant Curator of Maps. Use of color printing for rhumb lines on maps. 
  4. "Buccaneers and Buried Gold," by Emiko Hastings, Curator of Books. Depictions of buccaneers of the West Indies in early books. 
  5. "Give Jack His Grog," by JJ Jacobson, Curator for American Culinary History. History of the spirit ration in the U.S. Navy. 
  6. "Black and White Ships," by Clayton Lewis, Curator of Graphic Materials. Visual depictions of Commodore Perry and his "Black Ships." 
  7. "Sick at Sea," by Barbara DeWolfe, Curator of Manuscripts. A manuscript prescription book maintained by the ship's surgeon aboard the USS Constitution in 1812.  
  8. "Developments," by Ann Rock, Director of Development. Renovation of the Library. 
  9. Announcements.  
  10. Calendar of Events.
Read past issues of The Quarto online. Members of the Clements Library Associates will receive the current copy in the mail. If you would like more information about membership, please contact Ann Rock at or 734-358-9770.

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