Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In the News: Clements Library on C-SPAN

C-SPAN Book TV visited the Clements Library on October 22nd as part of the national network's 2013 "Cities Tour," a production featuring the history and literary life of selected cities across the country. C-SPAN spent a week in Ann Arbor, interviewing area professors, authors, curators, and the Literati bookstore owners. The Clements Library segment aired on C-SPAN2 on November 16 at 12:00noon and November 17 at 10:30am (ET).

Items shown in the segment:
  • Columbus, Christopher, and Gabriel Sánchez. Epistola Christofori Colom… [Rome: Stephen Plannck, after 29 April 1493]. 
  • Thomas Gage draft of an order to Lt. Col. Francis Smith; April 18, 1775. Order for the Concord Expedition. Thomas Gage Papers
  • Henry Clinton letter to John Burgoyne; August 10, 1777. Secret "mask letter" regarding Clinton's limited ability to provide support for Burgoyne. Henry Clinton Papers
  • "Moore" [Benedict Arnold] letter to John André; July 15, 1780. Coded letter specifying Arnold's terms for the surrender of West Point. Henry Clinton Papers
  • Charles Cornwallis official letter to Henry Clinton; October 20, 1781. Announcement of the British surrender at Yorktown. Henry Clinton Papers
  • Tobias Lear's manuscript account of the final sickness and death of George Washington; December 15, 1799. Tobias Lear Papers
Clements Library segment hosted by C-SPAN:
Clements C-SPAN Cities Tour "Ann Arbor" website:

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